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HelpMaster v17 now available

April 2018 Update

A new major release of HelpMaster, v17 is now available.

This release includes many new and exciting features as well as many minor improvements, bug fixes and tweaks.  For a list of the major new features, see

Upgrade eligibility and registration codes

If you hold a current Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS), you may upgrade to upgrade to v17 at no charge.  If your annual maintenance subscription (AMS) has lapsed, please contact PRD Software for a quote to renew and upgrade.  Please read the Upgrading frequently asked questions  ( for all the information you need to know about upgrading.  If you have any questions about the upgrade process, please contact PRD Software. 

Fastrack your upgrade - let us do your upgrade and get it done right

If you don't have the time, personnel, or experience to do your v17 upgrade, let PRD Software do it for you.  PRD Software offer a remote upgrade service that takes the pain out of software updates.  All work is performed remotely by our qualified HelpMaster technicians, and you get your upgrade done in a matter of hours. 


You can download this version from the HelpMaster Updates and Service packs area.

Have questions?  Need help?

If you have any questions or require assistance with your installation, or upgrading of HelpMaster, please contact PRD Software.

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HelpMaster Development Team

Rod Weir
2.1 years ago - 14/12/2017 8:12:44 PM