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Welcome to the new HelpMaster web portal!

Next-gen web portal for HelpMaster is now in live use at PRD Software

The new-look HelpMaster web portal is now live!


PRD Software have been busy re-developing the entire web portal for HelpMaster v17 and we're delighted to be start using it for our live helpdesk to our staff and clients.


In the initial release of HelpMaster v17, the web portal will only contain client-based functionality which includes:


  • The ability to log, track and update jobs

  • The ability to browse and provide feedback on knowledge base articles

  • The ability to submit feedback on job feedback requests

  • Browse the news articles (what you're doing now)


Future releases will expand on this functionality, and continue to build upon HelpMaster's rich functionality.


In the meantime, please let us know what you think, and send through any suggestions or comments you may have.



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Rod Weir
Last year - 6/15/2017 4:59:14 PM