Knowledge Base Article: Setting up SQL Server for full text Searching to work within HelpMaster

Setting up SQL Server for full text Searching to work within HelpMaster

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16/12/2005 12:00:00 AM

23/11/2017 10:40:32 AM

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The information in this article applies to

HelpMaster v8,v9,v10,v11, 12
SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, and SQL Server Express


With Helpmaster full-text search interface, you have the ability to search all text fields of the five primary entities. This includes:

1. Clients
2. Sites
3. Jobs
4. Actions
5. Knowledge base Articles


For the full-text searching feature to work within HelpMaster Enterprise Edition, SQL Server full-text searching needs to be installed and configured.  Please refer to Microsoft SQL Server documentation on how to do this.  Once full text searching is installed and configured, run the HelpMaster Database and Reports Wizard to automatically configure the HelpMaster full text catalogs.

  1. Run the HelpMaster database and reports wizard

  2. Select database and reports tools

  3. Logon to your database server

  4. Select Database tools

  5. Click on the Fulltext searching tab

  6. Select your database

  7. Click Setup/rebuild full text searching

Your searching will now be much better and more powerful.

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