Knowledge Base Article: Refreshing the HelpMaster Email Manager cache file after mailbox changes

Refreshing the HelpMaster Email Manager cache file after mailbox changes


Refreshing updating refresh update HelpMaster Email Manager cache file mailbox changes modifying modify address IMAP Outlook profile clsRedemptionFunctions GetFolderFromID failed-Email folder GetFolderFromID() failed return RDOFolder

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After changing a mailboxes email address, names, location, type, or position in an Outlook profile (e.g. from or to the default mailbox) the HelpMaster mailbox cache file needs to be refreshed in order for the Email Manager service to be able to "see" the mailbox again.


The following errors may appear in the Email Manager Event Log...

Attempt 1 at clsRedemptionFunctions - GetFolderFromID has failed-Email folder '[YourMailbox]\[YourMailboxFolder]'-'Profile ID'...
18/07/2018 10:58:24 AM : GetFolderFromID() failed to return RDOFolder for '[YourMailbox]\[YourMailboxFolder]'.


Refresh the Email Manager (EM) mailbox cache as follows...


1. Log into your server hosting the EM service with the account that is running the service itself,

2. Log into HelpMaster as a full administrator and go to "Automation" (ribbon) > "Email Manager Profiles" (option) and open any EM profile but preferably the main log job profile,

3. Go to the "Scan Folders" step and click the "Add" button followed by the "Reload mail boxes" button,

4. Just click "Cancel" and "Close" now as the cache has been updated,

5. If an email address or mailbox name has been changed then any Email Manager Profiles using these mailboxes will need to be update with the new names and locations as follows,

a) Open each affected Email Manager Profile, reselect the "Scan Folders" and remove the old invalid scan folders,

b) Reselect the "Successfully Processed", and "Unsuccessfully Processed" folders for each profile also and save each one.


This performs an update of the mailbox cache file stored in the 'C:\ProgramData\PRD Software\HelpMaster' folder and named "MapiFolders_xxxxx.xml" where x is a number or the name of the Outlook profile. Step 5 will also ensure that each Email Manager Profile is now using the modified mailboxes correctly.

Further Information

Please contact PRD Software for further information about this issue.

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