Knowledge Base Article: Drag & Drop email to a new HelpMaster job causes an error

Drag & Drop email to a new HelpMaster job causes an error


Drag & Drop email e-mail new HelpMaster job causes error

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18/12/2018 11:23:27 AM

18/12/2018 11:40:12 AM

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HelpMaster Desktop v17.20.14 (32bit edition only)


When attempting to use the Drag & Drop feature from Office 365 (2016 Outlook 32 bit) with the 32 bit edition of HelpMaster v17.20.14 to log a new job, an error occurs preventing the action from completing and ppossibly crashig the HelpMaster Desktop application. This seems to be an issue with the 32 bit edition only.


The following error occurs after dragging an email to a new blank Job Template in order to log a new job with HelpMaster v17.20.14 32 bit edition.

Error Number: 0

Product: DeskTop

Error Description: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8000FFFF): System Error. Code: 18.

There are no more files

at Redemption.IRDOMail.get_SentOn()

at HMP.Common.HMPForms.guiHelpdeskJobBase.OleFileDroppedOrPasted(String p_strFileName, Boolean p_blnWasCreatedInTempFolder)

Error Source: CommonHMPForms.guiHelpdeskJob.OleFileDroppedOrPasted


As this is only a problem with the 32 bit edition of HelpMaster Desktop v17.20.14 one possible resolution is to uninstall HelpMaster and Office 365 32 bit editions and replace them both with the 64 bit editions.

The issue was resolved in the subsequent release of HelpMaster v17.24.6 and above so upgrading to this or a later release will permanently resolve this problem.

Further Information

Please contact PRD Software for any further information about this issue.

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