Knowledge Base Article: Issues after Deploying the Web Portal to a 64 bit Server Operating System

Issues after Deploying the Web Portal to a 64 bit Server Operating System

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Issues Deploying Web Portal Server Operating System 64 32 bit 32bit 64bit Setting Settings Server 2012 R2 2016

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  • HelpMaster v17 - Web Portal

The HelpMaster web portal does not display correctly, or not at all. The browser reports "Server Error in '/' Application" with references to .Net Framework or Application Pool errors.

This could be due to incorrect bit version settings in the Internet Information Server (IIS) Manager Application Pool "Advanced Settings" or due to missing server Roles &/or framework Features. See the following two sub-headings for details on each category.


Incorrect Application Pool Bit Setting

Open Internet Information Server (IIS) Manager and browse to "Application Pools". Select the "HelpMaster" Application Pool followed by "Advanced Settings..." on the Action panel.


Then from the "Advanced Settings" screen select the correct "Enable 32-Bit Applications" option for your deployment as follows...

  • "True" if you have deployed the 32 bit edition of HelpMaster,

  • "False" if you have deployed the 64 bt edition of HelpMaster .

Repeat all of the above for the "HelpMasterWinLogin" Application Pool also.


Missing "Application Server" or Framework Components

Ensure that all of the required Windows Server Roles and Features are installed. Go to "Server Manager" and select the "Add roles and fetures" option. Click "Next" until you see a list of available Roles and select the "Application Server" role with the following features selected...

  • .Net Framework 4.5 (or higher for Server 2016) - If you haven't already installed the .Net Framework v4.6.1 or higher, then you will also need to manually install that framework also,

  • TCP Port Sharing - Required when using host names in IIS and sharing ports,

  • Web Server (IIS) Support



Make sure that all of the following Web Server role components have also been selected and select them if not.


After completing the addition of the above roles and features re-start your server and test the HelpMaster Web Portal again.


Further information

Please contact PRD Software for further information, or assistance if you continue to have issues with your HelpMaster web portal.

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