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About PRD Software - HelpMaster

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About PRD Software - HelpMaster

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PRD Software is a privately held Australian company headquartered in the nations capital, Canberra.

IT Service management is our business!

Our primary focus is to develop software that allows organizations to improve their service and support delivery to their staff and customers.  Our product, HelpMaster is now in it’s 20th year and has helped hundreds of organizations around the world to streamline their business practices, provide outstanding support and lower costs. 


Helpdesk and ITSM is our sole focus - its what we do and we're 100% committed to improving and supporting the software and the solution we develop.

PRD Software contributes regularly to the ITSM industry and all staff members are well versed in the popular service management best-practice frameworks such as ITIL, KCS, as well as ISO standards for service management.  We're big believers in #Back2ITSM and keeping it real. 


We design software for the real world - not for software certification schemes or popular trends, and our sales and client feedback have consistently told us were on the right track with this.


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