Knowledge Base Article: Email Manager fails with Office 365 on HelpMaster v15 and older

Email Manager fails with Office 365 on HelpMaster v15 and older

Installation / Upgrading:Office 365 Email Manager

Configuring Email Manager Office 365 2013 2016 v13 v14 v15

HelpMaster > All Services > Email Manager Service

Installation / Upgrading

12/12/2016 11:40:43 AM

31/10/2019 11:00:29 AM

Applies to

HelpMaster v15.7.8 and older


With the gaining popularity of Microsoft Office 365 being hosted in the Cloud, HelpMaster was updated in August 2015 to allow connectivity to Office 365 with and without Azure Active Directory integration. There are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account when configuring the HelpMaster services and in particular with the Email Manager service.


HelpMaster Email Manager won't enumerate the mailboxes and folders selected in Email Manager profiles when using the IMAP (Internet) based mail system & Global Email Account or, none of the emails are processed by Email Manager when using an Outlook profile based Global Email Account.


Upgrade HelpMaster to v15.8.5 or greater if using the IMAP mail system (preferably to the latest available version of HelpMaster). For Outlook profile based configurations as well as upgrading HelpMaster, the Outlook email client (on the server hosting the HelpMaster Email Manager service) must also be upgraded to Office 365 (2013 edition or greater).

Further Information

Please contact PRD Software for further information about this issue.

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