Knowledge Base Article: Email permissions for "Send on behalf of" & "Send As"

Email permissions for "Send on behalf of" & "Send As"

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When sending email from within HelpMaster, you have the option to use a different email accounts to send the email. Each of these email accounts may be configured to use different "From" addresses. This is useful if you want to centralise the email. This can be configured in the User preference > Email settings page, or in any Email Template that is used.

Regardless of which email account is used within HelpMaster to send email, ALL persons using that account will need sufficient email permission to use that account.

There are 2 levels of email permission.

  1. HelpMaster permission - the ability to see, select and use the email account from within HelpMaster

  2. Email server permission - the permission to use the email account from the server perspective. This server may be Microsoft Exchange, GMail etc.

The HelpMaster email accounts are described in the HelpMaster helpfile. You can view this information by opening your local HelpMaster help, or on-line here. files/Email overview.htm


Microsoft Outlook / Exchange Environments

Update your operating environment

The first thing to do, is ensure that the Outlook / Exchange environment is up-to-date. Often Microsoft will release service packs and fixes for this environment that has a bearing on security and permissions and the sending of email. Run a "Windows Update" on both client and server machine first to check your operating platform is current.

Set the permissions

In order for a person to send email from an account that is not their personal email account, this person needs the appropriate Exchange permissions to "Send on behalf of" or "Send As" the account they are trying to use.

Also, you need to ensure that your Outlook profile is NOT using "Cached Exchange Mode".


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