Knowledge Base Article: Configuring the HTML Images Path for the Web Module in IIS7.x

Configuring the HTML Images Path for the Web Module in IIS7.x


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HelpMaster v6.0.x - v11.0.x


When configuring the HelpMaster Web Module another Virtual Directory needs to be created to handle HTML images for Knowledge Base articles and to enable other entities to be able to add, remove, and view images and attachments over a Web Module login.


Knowledge Base images cannot be viewed when logged in via the Web Module. Also Job and/or Action attachments cannot be viewed, added, or removed via a Web Module login.


Configure the HTML Images Virtual Directory on the IIS server hosting the HelpMaster Web Module as follows;

  1. Open IIS Manager on the server hosting the HelpMaster Web Module and expand the Web Site where the HelpMaster Virtual Directory resides. This is usually the "Default Web Site",

  2. Right mouse click on the Web Site tree and select "New" > "Virtual Directory..." and then click "Next",

  3. Enter a descriptive alias name such as "HM_Images" and click "Next",

  4. Enter the UNC network share path where your HelpMaster Working Folders reside e.g. '\\HMServer\[ShareName]\HTML Images' and click "Next",

  5. Enter the 'User name:' and 'Password:' of your Application Identity Logon account previously used in the HelpMaster Web IIS Configuration module and confirm the password after clicking "Next" and then click "OK",

  6. Select the 'Read' and 'Write' permissions only and then click "Next" and then "Finnish".

The contents of the '\\HMServer\[ShareName]\HTML Images' folder should now be listed on the RHS of IIS Manager. Close IIS Manager as this part of the configuration is complete. Restart the Web Site!

Now launch the HelpMaster Web IIS Configuration manager and login with your HelpMaster login ID and do the following;

  1. Double mouse click on "Other Settings" on the LHS under "Progress Status",

  2. Select the "HTML images virtual directory name" that you created above from the list and your physical path should display underneath e.g. '\\HMServer\[ShareName]\HTML Images',

  3. Click "Apply" and close the HelpMaster Web IIS Configuration manager.

Now you should be able to view, add, or remove any images via a HelpMaster Web Module login.

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