Knowledge Base Article: Uploading your database to PRD using PRD's FTP server.

Uploading your database to PRD using PRD's FTP server.


Uploading database PRD FTP server file



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How do I Upload My Database to PRD Software?

Occasionally PRD Software may require a copy of your database to be able to diagnose database specific issues. This FAQ article outlines the database format we require and the method of getting your database to us via PRD Software's SSL encrypted secure FTP server.

Database Preparation Summary

Normally we require a full backup copy of your database in a *.bak file format. To minimise upload time and to avoid anti-virus filters we also need you to compact that database backup into a Zip file prior to uploading it to our secure FTP server.

Backup Procedure

To backup your HelpMaster SQL database, you can either use the HelpMaster Database and Reports Wizard tool or the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio tool (see Microsoft online help).

HelpMaster Database and Reports Wizard

1. Launch the HelpMaster Database and Reports Wizard tool from the Windows "Start" (menu) > "All Programs" (menu) > "HelpMaster..." (menu) > "HelpMaster Database and Reports Wizard" (shortcut),
2. Click the "Next" button and then select the "Database and reports tools" option and click the "Next" button again,
3. Select the SQL Server instance that your HelpMaster database resides on and the logon method, then click "Next" again,
4. Select the "Database Tools" option and click "Next", then click on the "Backup Database" tab,
5. Select your HelpMaster database from the drop-down and enter a file name for the backup,
6. Select the "Save backup to folder" and click the "Backup" button, then wait until the successfully backed up message appears and close the message box and Database and Reports Wizard.
7. Now proceed to the backup location and compress your HelpMaster database backup file using WinZip or the Windows built-in compression tools. This is the finished file you will upload to our FTP server.

Upload Procedure

This will require the FTP client FileZilla which is a free download. After downloading and installing FileZilla, go to Site manager and set the following connection parameters;


Note: Due to the secure nature of FTP over SSL/TLS, your firewall may be blocking the required ports of 989-990 and 59900 to 59989. You will need to open these port ranges on your firewall to be able to successfully upload to our FTP server. Please contact PRD Software support for the FTPGuest account password.

Now "Connect" using this profile and drag your zipped backup of your HelpMaster database to the default folder on the RHS and the upload will begin. When the upload has completed please email us at and we will immediately move your file from this location for attention.

Applies to

All versions of HelpMaster Enterprise Edition databases.

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