Knowledge Base Article: Dot.Net Framework v4.0 Initialization Error

Dot.Net Framework v4.0 Initialization Error


Dot Net Framework v4.0 Initialization Error .Net 4 4.0 v8 v9 v10 Launch fails to run errors out crash crashes

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Known error

1/07/2010 11:21:40 AM

26/04/2018 11:17:39 AM

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Applies to

HelpMaster Pro v8 to v10


Upon launching any of the HelpMaster executables, an error may occur on any Operating System that has the Microsoft Dot.Net Framework v4.0 or higher installed.


Attempting to run an earlier version of HelpMaster Pro results in a .Net Framework Initialisation Error as follows;



Thanks to our friends at John Sands, we have a config file that can be placed in the same location as any of the HelpMaster executables that fail to launch. By default that location is 'C:\Program Files[ (x86)]\HelpMaster xx.x'. The config file you require is attached to this Knowledge Base article. Download it and paste it into the install location. When downloaded the file name may be 'KBArticle_KEDot.Net4.0_HMP.Desktop.exe.config', change the name to 'HMP.Desktop.exe.config' after pasting it into the HelpMaster installation folder. If the same problem occurs with the Job Monitor or any of the other HelpMaster executables, just copy this file and rename it according the executable in question e.g. for the 'HMP.JobMonitor.exe', rename the copy of 'HMP.Desktop.exe.config' to 'HMP.JobMonitor.exe.config'.

Note: Windows will sometimes hide the ".config" part of the name to show 'KBArticle_KEDot.Net4.0_HMP.Desktop.exe'. If this occurs, please rename the folder to 'HMP.Desktop.exe' instead of 'HMP.Desktop.exe.config'. To see the full name of a file, go to the 'details' tab under its right-click>properties menu.

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