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Running the Database maintenance procedure

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After upgrading a database, or after creating new system codes for Contact details or custom fields, HelpMaster needs to update certain database objects in order to effect the change. If the person logged into HelpMaster does not have the sufficient SQL Server (database) security permissions to execute these changes, it may stop the reports from working, or may affect other searches within HelpMaster.

Staff members who change system codes such as custom fields should have elevated SQL Server permissions in order to successfully accomplish this task. See the associated knowledge base article for further information about this.



When attempting to run a report the following error(s) may appear.

  • Saved search counts may differ from actual results

  • Unable to generate next PKID

  • " The table 'rptCompleteDetails_Job_ClientSiteAsset' could not be found."

  • "This field name is not known". 

  • "One or more fields could not be found in the result set. Use Verify Database to update the report"

  • Other unexpected results from reporting

  • Priority Manager, Email Manager Service may be failing due to an event log error including the words "GetNextTablePKID"


When attempting to open or search via one of the entity search screens (clients, asses, sites etc), you can also get an unexpected error



  1. Ensure that you have correctly configured your SQL Server permissions as per the minimum requirements. See the associated knowledge base article for details on how to do this.

  2. Log into HelpMaster as an administrator. You should see the Administration menu on the main menu bar

  3. Select the menu Administration (menu) > System Administration (toolbar button) > Database (tab)

  4. Click on the button entitled "Run database maintenance"


  1. This should re-build the reporting queries and perform some basic database maintenance and checks

  2. Try running the report again.


If this process fails, please ensure that you have the correct SQL Server permissions as per the HelpMaster documentation. See the linked Knowledge Base article.


Further information

 If this problem persists, please contact PRD Software support.



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