Knowledge Base Article: Vista and Office 2007 compatibility issues with HelpMaster Pro Desktop applications.

Vista and Office 2007 compatibility issues with HelpMaster Pro Desktop applications.


Vista compatibility compatible HelpMaster Pro v7.5 Office Outlook 2007

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There are a few compatibility issues with HelpMaster Pro v7.5 and v8 running on Windows VISTA and Office 2007 as follows;


General Permissions: Same as for Windows XP, Vista users need Read/Write permissions to be granted to the following HelpMaster Pro v7.5 registry key and sub-containers to allow reading and writing of the database connection strings, HelpMaster Pro UserID, and other parameters;


In addition to this Vista users will also need 'Execute' permissions to the HelpMaster Pro encryption key file containers in the following location on Vista;


Each key in the above location can be opened with Notepad to identify which ones are created by HelpMaster Pro v7.5. There should be one containing the text "HelpMaster Pro EE" and possibly another containing the text "HelpMaster Pro v6". The above is not applicable to HelpMaster Pro v8 as v8 uses an XML configuration file in the following default install location 'C:\Program Files\HelpMaster Pro\8\bin\HelpMaster Pro Application Settings.xml', however the below User Account Control (UAC) file permissions issue still applies to HelpMaster Pro v8.

UAC: Vista User Account Control (UAC) prevents even local administrator accounts from accessing the default "Program Files" folder and other system resources, unless over-ridden by right mouse clicking on the installer package and selecting "Run as...">"Administrator". Once installed in this fashion general users and even local administrators still do not have access to the working folders of HelpMaster Pro under the default "Program Files" folder unless Read/Write access is granted to the "Users" security group for general users, or UAC is dissabled in the case of local administrators. Once User Account Control (UAC) is dissabled, Vista should behave the same as Windows XP as far as program installation and general access permissions are concerned.

Crystal Reports: Hardware enabled DEP (Data Execution Prevention) will prevent the running of HelpMaster Pro reports successfully and the only solution for both HelpMaster Pro v7.5 & v8 at the moment is to dissable DEP by following the instructions in this Knowledge Base article here,



Microsoft have dropped the CDO1.21 components from Outlook 2007 which HelpMaster Pro v7.5 utlises for Outlook HTML mail compatibility, however this can be resolved by updating to HelpMaster Pro v7.5.193 which deploys the CDO components itself, or HelpMaster Pro v8 which now utlises Outlook Redemption and no longer requires CDO1.21 components. It can also be resolved for previous HelpMaster Pro versions by downloading and installing the CDO1.21 components separately from Microsoft here,

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